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主要なエネルギーと排出量の予測を、5 か国のサンプルについて以下に示します。 Enerdataの EnerFutureサービス では、65 か国以上を含む世界規模の予測をさらに利用できます。
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総最終エネルギー消費量 - ブラジル

最終消費における電力のシェア - ブラジル

一次エネルギー消費における化石燃料の割合 - ブラジル

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電力最終消費 - ブラジル

総発電容量 - ブラジル

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一次エネルギー消費に占める再生可能エネルギーの割合 - ブラジル

発電における再生可能エネルギーのシェア - ブラジル

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総CO2排出量(工業プロセスを含む) - ブラジル

一人当たりのCO2原単位 - ブラジル



限界削減コスト曲線 - MACC





The Philippines’ Department of Energy (DOE) expects that nearly 4.2 GW of new power projects to be commissioned in 2024, mixing renewables and conventional sources. This includes the start of commercial operation of a record solar power capacity of nearly 2 GW (1,985 MW) that should be commissioned in 2024, and two large thermal power plants, namely the 1,320 MW (4x440 MW) Batangas CCGT power project and the 600 MW (4x150 MW) Mariveles coal-fired power project (unit 1 already operational and 3 other units under testing and commissioning). In addition, at least 590 MW of battery energy storage should be commissioned during the year.



The Russian Ministry of Economic Development has confirmed the official forecasts for gas production in Russia for the 2024-2027 period. Gas production in the country should reach 666.7 bcm in 2024, 695.4 bcm in 2025, 707.5 bcm in 2026 and 727.3 bcm in 2027. The ministry has also unveiled a conservative forecast alongside the baseline one, with production reaching 654 bcm in 2024 and potentially standing at 659 bcm for 2025, 666 bcm in 2026 and 671 bcm for 2027.



The Russian Ministry of Economic Development has lowered its forecasts for the country's crude oil export prices over the 2024-2027 period to US$65/bbl. The forecasts were cut from previous estimates of US$71.3/bbl for 2024, US$70.1/bbl for 2025 and US$70/bbl for 2026.



The European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has published its European LNG Market Monitoring Report (MMR). According to the report, the EU outpaced China as the largest global LNG importer in 2023, with 134 bcm of LNG imports recorded, while the United States have surpassed Qatar and Australia as the largest LNG producer, with an estimated export volume of 119 bcm in 2023. The EU’s increased demand of LNG may reach its peak during 2024 under ‘REPowerEU’ demand scenarios, at 330 bcm.